In Development
Genre: Drama | Feature | American

A young FBI agent who uses her security clearance to investigate the separate murders of her parents, Maya and Caleb. We meet Aman on the grounds of her old childhood home turned secret headquarters where she buries her latest victim, Wayne, an old family friend and business partner of her parents. With the help of her best friend and computer whiz, Dani, Aman starts checking names off of her kill list like grocery items, and eventually collects the necessary information for her next and biggest target yet, Collin Price.

With her gun to his head, Collin reveals some unexpected truths about Maya and Caleb that detour Aman to new discoveries, inconsistent with all that she has ever known to be true about her parents. Collin Price’s murder in addition to the trail of bodies that Aman has left garners heavy attention, placing the unknown murderer under the speculative investigative eye of her FBI partner and long-time admirer, Micah. Micah’s affections for Aman are no secret to anyone in the bureau, including Aman, herself. She exploits this, using his feelings for her to get to the missing pieces of her puzzle after hitting what seemed like a dead end in her search. However, Micah is not the only one onto Aman.