2 @ a Time

Completed - Summer 2023
Genre: Series | Doc Series - American

The Two@aTime Project is a six-session program built around a powerful video series that helps young people discover the value of widening their perspectives by putting down their phones and social media devices and having non-judgmental, face-to-face conversations with people who are different than them.

By having more face- to-face conversations, young people will gain a greater understanding of each other by learning to listen, ask good questions, appreciate each other, show empathy, and ultimately find common ground. When young people are empowered to communicate effectively in tough situations they build confidence in themselves and begin to see how their voices matter and can make a difference. As they develop new skills, they will open up to new opportunities and expand what they see as possible.

The Two@aTime Project will inspire its participants to become change agents in their families, schools, and communities.