In Development
Genre: Feature | Animation | Musical | American


An animated children’s musical series full of heart, humor, social emotional life lessons, original musicand laughs that explores the meaning of finding your own music when the world would rather you singalong to familiar tunes. .

When an alien species wages war on the peaceful music makers of Melodeon, two of the galaxy’s adolescent misfits attempt a series of clumsy capers in hopes of saving the music and their world from ruin. In the Galaxy of Melodeon, the Melodious Sunks live for, by and through music which is amazing for all except for bold, bumbling Baxter Bosworth and perky, quirky Maxine Midwater , two precociouspre-teens who prefer mischief over mindless compliance.

After Maxine and Baxter get sent to Principal Ottman’s office for inciting a glitter riot in music class, the two find themselves on the run from the confines of complacent compliance. They meet their match in Astro Quincy Herrera , the disgruntled leader of the Intergalactic Grumples who help the teens realize they need the very things they reject.

Deck, script and character sketches available. Click the link above to listen to the sample music!